The Holy Eucharist    (Rite II)
Noonday Prayer & Healing Service

Sunday 10:00 am
Wednesday 12:00 pm

Fellowship Meal Follows

Our Worship of God in Jesus Christ is an invitation for all people to encounter God in our midst and be transformed, changed, and strengthened by that encounter. In our music, prayers, and actions we seek to experience the presence of God in the very moment of worship. Indeed, we gather together before God knowing that we are shaped prayer by prayer, day by day, season by season, as we worship.

We read a good bit of the Bible every week, and then we hear a homily (sermon) in response to the scriptures. We profess the faith that we share with Christians over many centuries. We pray for the needs of all people, and we celebrate the joys and blessings of life.

We confess our sins before God, and we hear the promise of God’s boundless forgiveness.

All of these things point us to the heart of our worship as Episcopalians: the Eucharist, or Holy Communion. We experience the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in this ancient sharing of bread and wine, which we celebrate each Sunday.

Our goal at St George’s is to make our worship simple and holy, lively and engaging. We invite you to join us, wherever you may be along your own journey of faith.


What to Expect