The parish of St. George’s Episcopal Church was established in 1938 and is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida as well as the greater world wide Anglican Communion. We are a full service parish which serves Northern Palm Beach County including the City of Riviera Beach, Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores, Lake Park, the Port of Palm Beach, and Northeastern West Palm Beach.

In 1998, St. George’s Community Center was created to facilitate the growing needs of service to the community. Each day hundreds of the indigent, the homeless, and children receive charitable services essential to their wellbeing. A significant part of funding for human services comes from Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida.

St. George’s Center although a part of the Diocese is overseen by an ecumenical board with significant input from other faiths and secular groups. Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, surrounding Episcopal parishes, and many civic organizations work together to make Riviera Beach a better place for the poor and disadvantaged.

Throughout the course of more than 70 years of service to Northern Palm Beach County, members of St. George’s Episcopal Church  have sought to help their neighbors in need and spread the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.

St. George’s Episcopal Church and Community Center provides you an opportunity for philanthropy and community service not only with members of the parish, but also in partnership with numerous other governmental, non-governmental organizations, and other organizations who hold a common belief in service.